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Wild Edible Kelp and Seaweed
Wildcrafted Seaweeds
British Columbia Canada
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BC Kelp, PO Box 274, Prince Rupert, British Columbia, V8J 3P3 Canada   

Tel: 1-250 622-7085 (24 hr msg phone)
email : [email protected]
website: www.bckelp.com
                                                 BC Kelp is a small family business,     
                                                 which produces premium quality,   
                                                 wild and sustainable edible seaweeds
                                        In small batches, the seaweed is    
                                        selectively hand harvested for 
                                        outstanding quality. 

Kelp is a nutrient rich superfood providing an abundant 
source of minerals and vitamins that benefits body and health. 
Seaweeds contain all the essential minerals needed. 

We harvest 5 different popular British Columbia seaweeds. 
All of our seaweeds are ready to eat raw, no need to soak or cook. Sprinkle in salads, soups, smoothies, rice, pasta to pizza! 
Enjoy as a healthy, tasty ocean seasoning from BC Canada.
Eat right out of the bag!
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