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Help exchange opportunity 
We are seeking one to two healthy, happy outdoor nature lovers. Approx. age (21 to 38 years old) 
to join the two of us (Louise and Holger) this coming seaweed season starting around late MAY. 

This is not an apprenticeship, the help needed is mostly hanging, hauling and processing seaweed. 
A small amount of wood splitting and hauling. Some help with carrying supplies from the boat to cabin. 
A short distance. The hanging is repetitive and boring however it can also be meditative and mentally relaxing.

(Bring your iPod or mp3 player and listen to your downloaded audios and music while you hang.)
We have a solar power charger to recharge your device. No internet or computer connection. 
Off grid. There is phone reception at a 15 minute walking distance. 

In exchange for your help we provide you with a unique experience living and working on a wild seaweed farm along 
the BC Coast. A small clean and quiet Cedar cabin is provided, (big enough for two beds) and small outside deck. 
Along with home cooked food, (non organic store bought food) and wild caught fish, crab and edible seaweed . 

Lots of free time. One week hanging seaweed for 3 to 5 hours per day and one week off, no work, 
(while we are away) by yourself to hike, kayak, fish, take nature photos, read, sleep, laze, relax and reset.

Starting as early as mid MAY (depending on seaweed growth) and throughout the summer months to end of SEPT. 
A full season stay possible or minimum 8 weeks.

If interested in more details contact us at: [email protected]  

Louise and Holger 
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