BC Kelp-Customer Comments

BC Kelp- Customer Comments BC Kelp British Columbia Canada
I Love Seaweed
I just had to express my gratitude for some really awesome powdered kelp! 
I hope it adds extra goodness to my dog's homemade diet...can't hurt my morning smoothies either...Thanks for making a great product.
All the best!
Ontario, Canada 
Thanks for the great sea kelp! - soooo vital and green!
North Carolina, USA
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Thanks for the great product..I am proud to serve it!
Executive Chef
Vancouver BC Canada
Your Bull Kelp Flakes yummy salty flavor... I so enjoy it with my meals
and also on top of a cracker or bread. I have never come across any seaweed as fresh and deliciously nourishing as yours!!!
Happy customer
Thank you very much for the great customer service and amazing product.
My wife Nan and I LOVE it!
Nan and Eahly from Hearts Choices
Calgary, Alberta
This is my 3rd order of Kelp. I am positively in LOVE with it.
Can't wait to snack on the Bull Kelp!!!
Florida, USA
Great quality kelp and great quality packaging!  Just thought I would say thanks and look forward to doing more business in the future.
BC, Canada
We have received your wonderful Kelp! Thank you so Much!
It has a place of Honour in our shoppe!
Denis,The Light Cellar
Calgary, Alberta Canada
I was so pleased with your product.  Wow, it looks so different, and is so superior to, the Chinese kombu I’ve been buying.  I will for sure be a repeat customer.
Edmonton Alberta 
Life is full of surprises! Thank you for your efforts in all you do to produce a few grams of tasty green garnishes we can add to our meals!
Vancouver, BC
I'm LOVING  the sampler pack that I received from you a couple of weeks
ago.  The crisp fresh taste in your package is just worlds away from  what
I have been buying at the store. Even my 4 year old munches on it :-)
I also tried the seaweed bath that came in the package, a really
relaxing experience.
Ontario, Canada
I just want to say once again how grateful I am to you for your products. 
"Eating your kelp is beyond a doubt the most loving, beneficial thing I can 
do for my health and soul." Thank You 
Much Love 
Florida USA
I am very impressed with the quality and simplicity of your products. 
The world needs more products made with fewer ingredients. 
You offer top quality at a very reasonable price.
I'm stocking up so that I won't run out again (and I may give a few Sea Kelp
Soap bars away to friends and family).
Your products are fabulous, thank you-
Ottawa, ON Canada
I just received my order and had to contact you to let you know that I am“in love” with your products.
I just sprinkled some of the 3 Seaveggie Mix on a bowl of leek/burdock/
potato soup and the result was unbelievable.
I then had to taste the rest of the edible things and have never tasted
kelp so good (that says something for a Newfoundlander)!
Ontario, Canada
About 2 months ago I tried your kelp.. I have been dreaming/drooling for more ever since.. can't wait to get some more:))
I tasted both the flakes and the fronds and they are wonderful: both
tender and crisp. When I opened the bags, it smelled like the ocean was in
my living room (but thankfully self-contained).
As ever, your products are of the highest quality.

I love your Seaweed! It is wonderful and has helped me and my health so much!
Denver, CO USA

Thank You! The bull kelp fronds are to be cherished. Wonderful!

Thank you so much, your kelp is so amazing!
Avoca, NY USA

Your kelp is delicious, so fresh and crispy.
I also like your new product, Sea Veggie Mix. Thank You!
QC Canada
I just received your beautiful seaweed in the mail today.
Thank you for keeping us healthy and for all you do. 
Oregon, USA

Best seaweed I've ever had! Delicious!
Thank you for your dedication!

From our family to yours, 
we want to extend our biggest gratitude and pass this message to you to express our appreciation for the lovely products you provide. 

Also, the pride, quality and ethics you impart when packaging and 
the shipping was very nicely done and much appreciated.

We felt the quality and pride with every item.
Joni and Family
AB, Canada
Kelp arrived Monday. I opened the package and tried some tonight and it was as good as I remembered it. You make/harvest the best seaweed I've ever tasted.
est. 1995
Premium Wildcrafted Seavegetables
British Columbia CANADA
 I received the kelp package today, and it is beautiful! 
Tastes great too :) I really love it, and I think I will need to place another order with you! Thanks a lot,
Ontario Canada
I received the kelp. It's gorgeous, smells amazing, and was wrapped so beautifully, with so much care.  
Thank you for all the care you put into your products--it is felt.
Happy Customer,
Hawaii, USA
What a glorious box of sea vegetables. I've been eating them all week Lol.
The soap and seaweed bath are exquisite!
Love, love, love! I will definitely be back :)
Florida, USA
Thank you so much for the lovely seaweed!
I have never seen such beautiful seaweed!
So green and tasty and beautifully packaged!
I can feel the love you put into your product.
Delta, BC Canada
The seaweed is even more delicious than I expected! I think I'm hooked
on it. My favourite is the macro. So happy to be nourishing myself so
well, while eating something as delicious as chips.
Thank you for a wonderful product. I also greatly enjoyed the seaweed 
soak. It's helping heal my poor scratched up itchy back.
F. G.
Edmonton, AB
I like the bladderwrack tips best although the fronds will be great with
my raw vegetable salads. The salt has an exquisite flavour.
I appreciate the hard work that goes into your products, a labour of love.
Thank you so much and wish you a good harvesting season.
BC Canada
THANK YOU so much for the recent order. Everything was fantastic. Customer service of this quality should be applauded -- and it is very much appreciated.
Vancouver BC Canada
Thanks so much! My kids can't wait for their favorite snack! They love
it as sprinkles on their soup and omelette.
Boulder, CO

Thanks so much, just a quick update to let you know it arrived safely
and we’re very much enjoying our wonderful new foods from you!
Pender Island
BC Canada
The quality of everything in the sample box I ordered was exquisite!
I have been sharing, so am ready to place another order.
You guys have the best seaweed I've ever seen and tasted!!!

What oh so very tasty sea vegetables!! 
So far, my favorite is the Bull Kelp
Such buttery and salty goodness. 
The bath soak is fabulous, my very dry skin is so happy! 
And then the soap...wonderful! 
The aroma is perfect (just that of the ingredients) 
and it feels so good on my skin. 
Such a delightful package to open, tasting, savoring as I go.
Can't wait to try the bath packs and soap, and to gift my daughters.
I've learned a lot from your posts--very helpful and great recipes, too.
AB Canada
I wanted to thank you for your excellent kelp
The packaging was wonderful and your selection 
was truly inspirational.
Comox, BC Canada
... the Forest Wild Perfume oil! I LOVE it! It instantly brought me to the West Coast Hive Mind! I needed that today!
ON Canada
"The perfume is exquisite, reminds me of the hikes and scents in the forest. I have some on my wrists.
Really appreciate all the work you put into your products."
Kelowna BC Canada
...I chew on the bladderwrack right out of the bag as I type.
It is of very good quality...all of it. A lot better than the seaweed I get from the health food stores out here by Toronto.
I am sure I will be a returning customer.
Toronto Canada
Forest Wild Perfume Oil
I love this product, a little goes a long way in creating the scent of woods.
Read a book called Forest Bathing by Dr. Qing Li  who teaches the
importance of the health benefits from the forest.
You may enjoy this as the philosophy is the same as your products.
Interesting that simple ways can keep us healthy and happy.
Enjoy your seaweed every day with my salad.
Kelowna, BC CANADA
"Thank-you for your beautiful products. 
We always find your kelp to be so fresh and delicious!
I was overcome with tears when I opened the kelp this time as it was so stunning and felt energetically alive."
I have added some pictures of the bulk kelp we purchased."
Victoria, BC Canada 
and rehydrated BLADDERWHOLE LEAF 
click on to view larger
" So looking forward to the kelp again!
This is my second order and I have to say: l really like the quality 
of the product!!"
Ontario, CANADA
" Order arrived this morning. Always a good product. "👍👍
Prince George, CANADA
Thank you! I can't stop eating this! It is SO good!
Arrived in good order today. So yum! I'm a fan:)
New Hamburg
Ontario, CANADA
We ran out a little while ago, and my kids are demanding more! (One picky eating teenager, and one omnivorous toddler.) 
They put it on everything - toast with butter, rice, roasted vegetables, and popcorn! 
Apparently it makes EVERYTHING taste better.
What would we do without BC Kelp?!?
Port Moody, BC Canada
Your kelp is delicious I had to order some more!
Vancouver, BC Canada