BC Kelp-Product Description

BC Kelp-Product Description
           Kombu Fronds                                 Whole
Macro Fronds      
  (Fucus gardneri)
(Laminaria spp. )
(Alaria spp.)
(Macrocystis integrifolia)
  Premium Bladderwrack bulb tips
  Fresh Bladderwrack bulb tips
Premium Wakame Fronds (Alaria marginata) 
Fresh Kombu 
(Laminaria spp.) 
Premium Macro Fronds (Macrocystis integrifolia)
Fresh Macro                              
(Macrocystis integrifolia)
Wakame Fronds                              
           Whole Bulb Tips
 also available in flakes and powder
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Premium Kombu  Fronds  (Laminaria spp.) 
Premium Bull Kelp Fronds
Fresh Bull Kelp 
Fresh Wakame
 Premium Bull Kelp Fronds 
  also available in flakes and powder
(Nereocystis luetkeana)
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Wakame                        Macro                          Kombu 
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Seaweed Mineral Bath Pouch
Seaweed Mineral Bath 
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Sea Kelp Soap bar
Sea Kelp Soap barSea Kelp Soap barSea Kelp Soap bar
Sea Kelp Soap bar
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Bull Kelp fronds and flakes are very thin and have a salty fresh ocean taste.

Eat right out of the bag! Very high in minerals and vitamins.

Is a favorite, because it can be eaten as a salty snack right out of the bag and is so easy to use in any food. Cut in thin slivers with scissors or crumble and add to any food (no need to soak or cook). 
Tasty in salads, sandwiches, soups, any seafood etc...
Bladderwrack has a very rich iodine ocean flavor. 
It is chewy and tasty in stews, beans, soups, steaming rice etc....

A popular and very mineral rich way to enjoy Bladderwrack is to add it to a miso broth and sip it hot. Add Bladderwrack to soups, 
or stir fry's. Add a small handful to your rice as you steam it.

Our customers also enjoy sipping it as a mineral and vitamin 
rich hot tea. 
Boil 1 cup water. Pour hot water in mug with 1 tablespoon cut up Bladderwrack pieces. Let steep for 5 minutes, strain and sip as you would tea. Add thin slices of green onion on top with a splash of soya sauce. You can add strained Bladderwrack to soups or add to compost as an excellent fertilizer.

Tasty in stews, beans, soups, steaming rice etc....
Wakame  is slightly sweet and salty, very thin with a thicker midrib. In Japan this seaweed is a favorite to add to miso soup. It is commonly used to flavor and enrich soups and stir fry's. Also makes a popular and tasty seaweed salad. 

Seaweed salad: Cut two Wakame fronds (midrib included) in thin slices with scissors. Soak in just enough water to cover seaweed. Let sit 1 hour. (overnight is fine also)

Dressing: small amount of sesame oil ( 2 Tbl.), rice vinegar (  3 Tbl.), soya sauce (1 Tbl.) and flavor with pinch of fresh grated or dried  ginger. Toss and serve.  (For a sweet and sour seaweed salad add 1 Tbl honey or maple syrup.) 

Strain seaweed, add seaweed to dressing, toss and serve as a side dish. Serves two. Excellent chilled or warmed.

No need to cook. Use Wakame right out of the bag, midrib and all.
Kombu is a thicker tough seaweed. Kombu is rich in naturally occurring glutamates that make that savory umami taste. 
Abundant in minerals and vitamins
In Japan Kombu it is a favorite seaweed used in making Dashi, 
a famous Japanese soup stock. 
Kombu is excellent added to cooking rice, beans (makes them more digestible) lentils, soups etc. 

Toss a small piece into your cooking rice. 
Adds valuable minerals and vitamins.
Cut with scissors in smaller pieces or thin strips. 
Macro is a very fine and textured seaweed. It has a wavy texture and mild salty flavor. It is a favorite added to sauces, seafood or veggie stir fry.
Because of it's texture it absorbs the juices nicely and has 
a nice bite, similar to mushrooms. 

Cut with scissors into smaller squares or thin long slices.
Soak the cut up Macro in a small amount of water, 10 minutes or so before adding to your cooking. Always add the mineral rich liquid to your cooking. 
​Also high in minerals and vitamins.
Excellent in spaghetti sauces, gravy's, soups, chowders and stir fry.

Seaweed Mineral Bath
Ingredients: 100% Wild Seaweed 
in cotton muslin pouch.

To enjoy a seaweed mineral bathnatural ocean fragrance and algin, a mineral rich gel. 

Seaweed bath detoxifies and nourishes the skin while soothing sore joints and muscles. 

Directions: Leave seaweed in bag, make certain bag is closed tightly. Place the pouch in hot bath water. 

Gently squeeze pouch to release seaweeds naturally occurring gel. 

Rub over body and face, also you can leave on face for duration of bath for a beneficial seaweed facial. 

Breath in the fresh ocean breeze,  Soak  and   Relax.....
This soap is hand cut therefore the weight  
varies from 140 grams to 150 grams per bar.


Non scented All Natural ingredients,
Vegan (no animal product).

SEA KELP Soap is made in British Columbia, Canada 
with natural oils and wild BC Kelp seaweed.

Ingredients: Saponified Olive oil (olea europaea),
Saponified Coconut oil (cocos nucifera), Purified water,
BC Kelp Seaweed (Nereocystis leutkeana). 
Wrapped in cotton muslin pouch. 

SEA KELP SOAP produces lots of silky suds because of its rich ALGIN content (seaweed gel). Kelp Soap is a mineral rich 
complexion & body soap, that is nourishing to any skin type. 
This soap is long lasting and best kept in a soap drain dish. 
Three Sea Veggie Mix
Three Sea Veggie mix can be sprinkled on just about any food. 
It can be added dry, as is, to salads, cooked rice or added to foods as they cook. Very high in minerals and vitamins. 
Tasty and nutritious.                    

Delicious in stews, beans, soups, steaming rice, salads etc....
Place in shaker bottle with lid, on kitchen table for easy use.
  Three Sea Veggie Mix 
Macro / Bull Kelp / Kombu 
in equal parts. Small flakes
Sea kelp 
Soap bar 

   You can use our seaweeds right out of the bag!  
   Crumble into your Greens and Grains.
Product Description
                          BC Kelp, PO Box 274, Prince Rupert, 
                          British Columbia, V8J 3P3 Canada   


Rare Wildcrafted SEAWEED SALT

Ingredients: Pure salt from wild kelp (Nereocystis luetkeana)

This cream white powdery salt comes from within the kelp itself. 

A rare salt sampler for salt selmelier  or salt foodies.

It takes us about 1 year to collect 1 pound
Which probably makes this the "world's most precious salt".

How is it made: There is often a small amount of kelp salt that comes to the surface of the kelp once it is dry. When the kelp is dry and sorted we gather the small amount of salt that falls to the bottom of the collection sheet.

Wildcrafted Seaweed Salt
BC Kelp is probably the only commercial producer of Wildcrafted Seaweed Salt. 
Photo of Seaweed Salt on the surface of dry Bull Kelp (Nereocystis luetkeana)
est. 1995
Premium Wildcrafted Seavegetables
British Columbia CANADA
Seaweed Mineral Bath 
Sea Kelp Soap bar
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Three Sea Veggie Mix