Rare Seaweed Salt Rare Seaweed Salt
 Pure Seaweed Salt
Rare Wildcrafted Seaweed Salt 

Ingredients: Pure seaweed salt from Kelp (Nereocystis luetkeana)

This cream white powdery salt comes from within the kelp itself. 

 A very rare  salt sampler for Salt Selmeliers or Salt Foodies.

This is possibly the "world's most precious salt".

It takes us about 1 year to collect 1 pound.  BC Kelp is the only company in the world that produce Wildcrafted Seaweed salt. 

How is it made: There is often a small amount of kelp salt that comes to the surface of the kelp once it is dry. When the kelp is dry and  sorted we gather the small amount of salt that falls to the bottom of the collection sheet.

This salt is very powdery fine, cream white crystals. Melts on your tongue instantly.  The taste is an overwhelming  rich and fresh salt sensation.  
Wonderful as a finishing salt sprinkled on food. 

Taste about 8 times saltier than table or sea salt. This is because it is predominantly Potassium which taste saltier than sodium.

Potassium salt is often used in  low sodium spice mix alternatives for those who wish to consume less sodium but still have the salty taste. 
Note: Use sparingly, only a pinch per meal. Not recommended for people with certain health problems. 
Kelp salt is called Moshio in Japan  and dates back to about 2,500 years.  It takes about 10 tons of seaweed placed in small amount of seawater to make about  200kg of Moshio.  
Price:  $20 
per 4 grams 
In glass bottle with 
screw on  lid
Suggested use: This seaweed salt is very powdery fine, cream white. Wonderful as a finishing salt sprinkled sparingly on food. The taste is an overwhelming  rich and fresh ocean salt sensation!
Note: There are tiny specks of kelp throughout the salt.
Kelp salt from the dried seaweed.
by BC Kelp
Prince Rupert, British Columbia, Canada
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"I believe that almost any craving for salt in our dietary times of heavily salted, with sodium chloride, home-cooking, restaurant meals, and preserved foods is a strong indication of potassium deficiency". Dr. Ryan Drum http://www.ryandrum.com/seaweeds.htm
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