Skillet Basted Eggs 

 When you want more of a quick and easy meal; than just "eggs for breakfast!"? 
Good anytime!!! 

Skillet Basted Eggs  
Skillet sprayed with non-stick virgin olive oil; cook on low, low heat. 
3 large eggs broken into the skillet 
Salt & pepper to taste. 

Completely cover the egg yolks and their whites with a sprinkling of 
kelp flakes 

Completely cover the kelp flakes with a sprinkling of left-over cooked brown 
rice, millet or quinoa. 

Cover the skillet with its lid; check occasionally.  Might need to add a bit 
of water at the end after the whites have become set. 

When the egg whites are completely set and the yolk semi-set.  Dish it up ; 
cut it up, eat and enjoy.  

A bit of toast would also be nice and  if you want catsup that's up to you! 

recipe by Edward
Humboldt, KS  USA