The Best Tasting Seaweed
Kelp (Nereo) Flakes
Kelp (Nereo) Premium Frond pieces
Kelp (Nereo) Powder
Kelp (Nereo) dried
The most popular seaweed for taste and easy to use is the well known Nori and the not so well known Kelp (Nereocystis luetkeana).

The Kelp (Nereo) that we harvest is fresh tasting and has a clean ocean salty taste.  (Eat right out of the bag or sprinkle on your food)

When we hand out samples at markets. People that taste it like it. 

If you like the taste of Sea Salt you will love our Kelp (Nereo)

Not all Kelp (Nereo) taste alike. If the Kelp (Nereo) is not properly dried or stored it will loose it's rich green color and acquire a fishy or old taste. 

If you try it you will like it!