Super Food Cereal Sprinkles with Kelp
Super Food Cereal Sprinkles with Kelp
Easy to make sprinkles loads your breakfast with Vitamins and 
Minerals and tasty!

Add 1 TBL to your breakfast cereal, yogurt or smoothie.
Makes Six servings

1 TBL organic Flax seeds
1 TBL organic Sesame seeds
1 TBL organic Bull Kelp Powder
1 TBL organic Coconut flakes
1 TBL organic Chia seeds
1 TBL Buckwheat
organic Cinnamon or Ginger powder to taste (optional)

note: no end to the healthy bits you can add, example: hemp hearts, dried organic apple, organic blueberries, organic almonds etc...

Mix all ingredients together and grind in a coffee grinder.

Place in a glass jar with a lid in the refrigerator. Label and store.
keeps at least 4 weeks
Recipe by: 
Wild Sea Veggies