Seaweed Spa Bath

Create your own ocean seaweed spa bath at home. 

Seaweeds are full of skin nutrients such as Minerals, Vitamins, Amino Acids and Anti-Oxidants. Eliminates toxins and soothes sore joints and muscles.

2 tablespoons seaweed powder or 4 tablespoons of seaweed small pieces (about 20 to 30 grams). 

Use any of these seaweeds, Bladderwrack, Kombu, Bull Kelp, Macro or Wakame).

Place seaweed in a cotton pouch, light cotton cloth, scarve bandana, or a piece of doubled up nylon pantyhose. 

Tie tightly with string or rubber band.

Toss in hot bath water. While in the bath, gently squeeze seaweed pouch to release the seaweed gel to bath water. Soak and relax. For a seaweed facial apply gel to face and you can leave it on for duration of bath. Enjoy!

note: you can place seaweed in garden or compost after bath.

Seaweed Spa Bath by BC KELP