Seaweed Condiment / side dish

This is a delicious sweet and sour seaweed condiment.
Very good with rice.

Cut two big Wakame Whole Fronds in thin
slices with scissors.
Soak in just enough water to cover seaweed.
Let sit 1 hour. (overnight is fine also)

2 Tbl. sesame oil
2 Tbl. rice vinegar
2 to 3 Tbl. soya sauce
1 Tbl. honey or maple syrup
flavor with pinch of fresh grated or dried ginger.

Strain seaweed, add dressing, toss and place in fridge for 1 hour.

Serve as a side condiment dish. Serves two.
Excellent chilled or warmed.

Store in fridge. Will keep 4-5 days.

recipe by BC KELP