Avocado, Kippered Herring & Bull Kelp 
Sandwich Spread
This is the recipe I use when I want to have a quick nutritious and overall
healthy meal or just a snack!  

One large, "ripe" Avocado (skin off; seed out; mashed with a fork)

One 3.25 oz tin of Kippered Herring (drained & mashed)

A dash of garlic  powder or crushed fresh garlic to taste

A pinch of "No Salt" replacer or sea salt to taste.

A dash of lemon juice to taste

A dash of black pepper to taste

A teaspoon to a tablespoon of Bull Kelp flakes to taste

1 Pkg of WASA fiber crispbread;  whole grain rye flour!

Thoroughly mix all of the indicated ingredients together adding additional
lemon juice for moisture and taste.  Adjust overall taste.  A dash or two of
hot sauce if you like.  Break a WASA crispbread slice into 4 pieces. Enjoy
your avocado mixture on the pieces of your rye crispbread.   

No refrigeration or cooking required!

recipe by Edward
Humboldt, KS  USA