Yields about 1 ½ cups.

½ cup olive oil 
2 tablespoons ( .5 oz) of cosmetic grade beeswax
1 cup of lukewarm seaweed gel. Important to have the seaweed gel lukewarm.

Double boiler, 
A blender or a stick blender. (Note: with a stick blender you can make the lotion right in the jar. Use a wide mouth jar).  
Clean/dry jars for face cream.

Put the olive oil in your double boiler and add the wax, (smaller the pieces the quicker it will melt). 

Heat over gently simmering water until the wax melts completely.

Take the oil off the stove. 

Straight away pour the oil into the blender or the container for the  stick blender. 

Start the blender and slowly and steadily pour the lukewarm seaweed gel in a steady stream into the whirling oil. It will start coming together immediately. 

Mixing should only take a few seconds. Look for pockets of water and keep blending until they disappear.

If you end up with a little water just pour it out.
While the lotion is still warm, pour it into your container. Leave the lids off until it cools. It will thicken more after cooling.

Storage: This is an all natural face and body cream with no chemical preservatives. It will keep about 6 days in refrigerator.
Tip: To keep longer, once cooled divide up in small portions in ziplock bags and freeze. Defrost as needed.
recipe by BC KELP